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When you had your Intruder Alarm installed, you made a major financial investment in securing your property. In order to protect both your investment and your property, it is vital that your Intruder Alarm is in full working order at all times. Remember, you never know when you will need it!


You should also be aware that if your alarm is monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre and receiving Police response, a maintenance contract is mandatory to comply with Police regulations (ACPO Security Systems Policy)

Batteries will require to be changed periodically and wiring and detectors can and do suffer minor, often unseen damage, which could cause false-alarms or worse still, prevent the system from operating correctly!



Where an alarm installation is an insurance company requirement, or, when a discount is being given by your insurance company for having an alarm system fitted, it is invariably a condition that the alarm system is ‘Professionally Maintained’ and the subject of a maintenance agreement.


Finally, if you want to have access to our engineers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, then you must have a maintenance contract.


We will provide you with a priority response over non-contract customers. In the event of a breakdown we will attend your premises at all times, (but a discounted ‘Call-Out’ charge will still be payable, unless a ‘PLATINUM’ customer).


Non-Contract customers will not receive a service outside office hours and will be charged a higher, Non-Discounted ‘Call-Out’ charge for all such requests for our services etc.


Annual intruder alarm maintenance contract packages


A maintenance contract will ensure that your intruder alarm is inspected and tested regularly, and can often pre-empt issues with your alarm system which would otherwise require an emergency call-out. As a contract customer, you are also guaranteed a response to an emergency call within 4 hours.



The highest standards in alarm maintenance

We only use equipment of the highest quality, and all of our systems meet the requirements set out in the British and European Standards EN50131 and the NPCC Policy.


Our Commitment to you:


  1. Enable you to obtain a discount on your contents insurance. (You normally need a maintenance contract to obtain a discount)

  2. Issue you with a ‘Certificate of Cover’ to prove that your system is being “Professionally Maintained”. (Your Insurance Company may ask for this as proof)

  3. Attend your premises every 12 months (6 Months for ‘Monitored Systems’) and complete a comprehensive technical inspection of your system and provide a written report on its condition. We will advise you of any remedial action that may be required if we discover any problems.

  4. If a fault is discovered at the time of a maintenance visit, we will correct that fault at NO EXTRA CHARGE. You may however be liable for the cost of any replacement components or equipment required to affect the repair. (At discounted cost) – subject to the maintenance plan held.

  5. As a contract maintenance customer you will be eligible for a discount of 25% off the cost of any materials, batteries or other replacement parts, that we fit to your system to correct any faults or repairs etc, also any equipment installed to upgrade your existing system.


The European Standard on Intruder Alarms (EN50131/PD6662) recommends the periodic testing and inspection of Intruder Alarms and has produced detailed and comprehensive recommendations on the manner and conduct of such inspections, at each inspection we will:-


  • Check history of alarm system since last maintenance service

  • Visual inspection of all major alarm components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage

  • Check mains power supply including charging rates

  • Check battery power supply including charging rates

  • Check and walk test all detectors

  • Check satisfactory operation of manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons

  • Check and test all audible warning devices, sirens and speakers.

  • Check and test remote signalling equipment (where appropriate)

  • Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply)

  • Retrain the users on the use of the alarm system (if required)

  • Log all test results

  • Return the alarm system to operational status


Take-Over of systems installed by another company


Even if your intruder alarm system was installed by another company, we are happy to take-over and maintain any kind of security system.


A take-over fee will apply which covers an engineer visiting your property to inspect, test and reprogram your alarm. But as all of our engineers are trained to service a wide range of intruder alarm products, you can rely on us to deal quickly and efficiently with any existing faults and issues you may be experiencing, and to keep your alarm system working.











Our Preventative Maintenance Packages


There are four intruder alarm maintenance packages for you to choose from depending on your requirements and budget. Alarm maintenance is renewed annually, so you will never find yourself tied in to a contract if you don't feel that our service delivers good value for money:



Bronze Plan (Non-Contractual)

▪ Maintenance as and when requested

▪ All Callouts, Labour & Materials are chargeable outside of warranty periods


Silver Plan

▪ 1 Maintenance Visit per year (Additional 1 x Remote Service for Remotely Monitored Systems)

▪ Helpdesk email/phone support

▪ Full Maintenance Inspection Report(s)

▪ 24hr Access to our Emergency Engineers)

▪ Batteries are chargeable


The following plans are not available for systems that are more than 10 years old


Gold Plan

▪ As the Silver Plan plus:

▪ One Emergency Call-Out per year during office hours.

▪ Free Battery changes as required


Platinum Plan

▪ As the Gold Plan plus:

▪ Unlimited Emergency Call-Outs per year during office hours.

▪ All faulty or replacement parts provided free of charge (normal wear and tear)


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